Réserve du Couvent


A medium to full-bodied wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Cabernet Franc. Aged in oak for six months, it is beautifully structured, with a nose of smoked fruits and vanilla. In the mouth, peppers, plums and berries abound.

It has excellent length. goes well with grilled meat dishes and wild.


Ksara Sunset Rosé


Made from Cabernet Franc and Syrah, it has a spicy flavor and a powerful nose of red berrie sunset rose.

Goes well with meditaran gourmet food, vegetable, salat, cold meat dishes and spicy dishes.


Ksara Cabernet Sauvignon


This is a classic, generous, full-bodied wine with tons of character and good aging potential.
All the typical Cabernet Sauvignon indicators – blackcurrants, peppers and chocolate – are present.

Goes well with oriental gourmet food and european meat dishes.


Château Blanc de Blancs


Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Chardonnay constitute the basis of this elegant and subtle wine.

Aged for four months in oak, it is best served as an aperitif or with fresh fish and shellfish.



Veuve Clicquot



Dom Perignon



Moet and chandon







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