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Restaurant Qadmous
Arabic & Lebanese
Am Friedrichshain 1 - 10407 - Berlin
Telefon: +49 (0) 30 424 62 55
FAX: +49 (0) 30 420 93 33
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Qadmous - Ksara - Cabernet Sauvignon - Libanesischer Wein - Berlin

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Arabisches Restaurant Berlin Mitte - Libanesische Küche

Book a table in restaurant qadmous quickly and simply. please fill out all mandatory fields so that we can arrange your reservation promptly in the arabic & lebanese restaurant qadmous and nothing else can stand in way for an unforgettable day.

If you wish we also welcome your reservations by phone:

phone number: +49304246255

For further questions do not hesitate to contact us any time or leave a message on our page and we will contact you as soon as possible .


While Summer Rain 2013 in the Restaurant Qadmous by extended awning and heatable spotlights.


Impressive commercial of shisha from the original Arabic Lebanese restaurant Qadmous featuring culinary dishes.


Celebration on international woman's day 2013 in the restaurant Qadmous on prenzlauer berg.


Original arabic and lebanese specialties restaurant. First-class ambience will be awaiting you during your visit in europe's unique original arabic and lebanese restaurant qadmous in Berlin.

The restaurant qadmous in Berlin brings you closer to the breathtaking orient by the taste of the delicious meals, the scent of culinary spices and the variety of original arabic and lebanese cuisine.


Visit us to the extraordinary sunday brunch and serve yourself on a wide selection of more than sixty warm and cold dishes from the original arabic and lebanese cuisine of the restaurant qadmous.

Discover the culinary pastries with various fillings or the chick pea puree hummus, one of the most-loved. Qadmous desserts and seasonal fruits will complete our sunday brunch. Join us now!

Kein Catering!

Give your special event a oriental setting with the original arabic lebanese cuisine and you will be having a spectacular, unforgettable once in a lifetime event. We will be delighted to advice you.

If weddings, birthdays, business events or on new years eve, the restaurant qadmous is able to cater your party up to one thousand guests and will give your events a culinary oriental lebanese ambience.

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(Deutsch) Vegetarisch & Vegan

Arabisches Restaurant Berlin Mitte - Qadmous

Libanesisches Restaurant Berlin Mitte - Arabische Libanesische Küche Prenzlauer Berg
nahe dem berühmten Kollwitzplatz bzw. dem Bötzowviertel


To dine original arabic lebanese also means to eat healthy above all. The arabic and lebanese cuisine in the restaurant qadmous in berlin are know for the variety of meat-free dishes and high-quality nutrients.


Enjoy the unique lebanese wines of ksara. The quality and the special trademark of lebanese wines are full-bodied taste began with careful selection of sun-ripened grapes which reflects in the pure taste.


Spices are characterize for the variety of the original lebanese dishes. In the restaurant qadmous you will get to know the high-quality and different culinary spices of the original oriental arabic and lebanese cuisine.


To dine original arabic lebanese also means to eat healthy above all. The arabic and lebanese cuisine in the restaurant qadmous in berlin are know for the variety of meat-free dishes and high-quality nutrients.


Get to know more about the legendary history of qadmous, the beginning of the original oriental lebanese phoenicia restaurant qadmous, the multicultural guests and have a look behind the scenes of qadmous.


The cuisine are one of the most important part of gastronomy. Especially strict hygiene of qadmous and dishes prepared by the highest modern technology make our lebanese restaurant to a special.

The Team

In the restaurant qadmous counts the individuality of our guests. With professionalism, engagement and passion our team will takes you to a culinary trip through lebanon.


The cocktail bar of the lebanese restaurant qadmous is well equipped and designed with a great attention to detail. Get a proffesionell, fruity and fresh made cocktail prepared by our experienced barkeeper.

Qadmous - Phoenicia - Legende - Gemälde: Hendrick Goltzius †

The legend of Qadmous

The legends tells witch for thousand of years king agenor, who is in phoenicia, todays lebanon – governed, his son prince qadmous sending him away to find his missing sister europe. Furious he advised him not to return without his sister. So he went in search of his sister princess europe. But since she kidnapped from god – father zeus, he could not find her.

After a long unsuccessful search he settled in greece to escape the range of his father and instituted the city thebes. Legend has it that he brought the alphabet and the money to europe.

Portrait: Hendrick Goltzius – 1558 till 1617 †     Click to legend


Take a look in to the original arabic and lebenese restaurant qadmous and step into our extensive furnished terrace whether wet and cold or sunny weather. One thing is certain the arabian flair.

Relax with an flavour of shisha and a fruity fresh cocktail on our professional with infrared heatable terrace and enjoy your meal with an open view to the volkspark friedrichshain - Prenzlauer Berg.

Cocktailbar Berlin


Immerse yourself into europe's first original arabic and lebanese restaurant in Berlin and visit one of the four healthiest cuisine of the world. You will find a wide range of different meals in our menu.

Qadmous takes care of your well-being with a range of variety dishes and stimulates your palate with an original oriental, arabic and lebanese flair. Qadmous spoil you on the culinary highest level.


Embark on a journey to the excellent cabernet-sauvignon vines and most exclusive wine specialities from lebanon will be awaiting you in the original arabic & lebanese restaurant qadmous.

The restaurant qadmous let you feel like thousand and one night and stimulate your senses in a breathtaking way, while you enjoying the aromatic original arabic & lebanese coffee with cardamon.

Ksara Wine


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